C Em Cheering sun shines down upon us Am G In our narrow floating home F C Time no more providing reference G As the waterways we roam C Em Optimistic, joyful journeys Am G Holiday or lengthy tour F C But the day comes when it’s over G C Time to return once more C Em We know the journey’s over Am G We’re returning to High Lane F C As the Cloud rears up behind us G C And we do Bosley in the rain Chugging engine provides bass notes To sweet nature’s higher pitch As we enjoy the beauty Along flooded man-made ditch Silent moorhen and lone heron Contrast noisy cackling geese But the day comes when it’s over Time for nature’s sounds to cease On the Caldon or Llangollen Or where rivers weave their spell Our journey always brings us To a place we know so well Friendly faces swapping stories Of success and misfortune But the day comes when it’s over Time to dance to a different tune As red sun sets on the waters We bemoan the passing years Now those lock gates seem so heavy And we can’t move the paddle gear Friends are offering assistance But on them we won’t depend So the day comes when it’s over Time for boating days to end © I H Bruce 2010
Bosley in the Rain
When a friend observed that we always seemed to do Bosley locks in the rain it struck me as a good title for a song. The song is about returning to base after a holiday or giving up boating when age catches up with you - the choice is yours.
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