C G F G Turn away from the Red Bull and head nor’ nor’ east F G F G To see many a sight upon which eyes can feast Am G Em Am Though once left to die like a phoenix it rose Dm G F C With proud tranquil beauty a place of repose As you look out across the north Cheshire plain On landscape replaced by an urban terrain Sunlight glints from the rim of a star-seeking dish But here nearer home there is all that I wish As the brown channel snakes through those bridges so neat Each stone was hand cut ’til the jigsaw complete We forget the hard labour and skills so refined Though horses and tow-ropes left scars to remind The green train of nature a haven provides With competitive rail never far from its side ’Til in sun, wind or rain Bosley’s twelve stand so proud A beautiful scene beneath Mow Cop and Cloud With the Cloud far behind us White Nancy looks down As we float on the aqueduct over the town Of sleepy stone cottages where once silk was made The canal took the fruits of their looms for its trade The coal mines, the stone wharves are sadly no more Though remains can be found by those who explore The end comes at Marple top the Peak Forest flight Two days or more spent of a voyage of delight © I H Bruce 2008
Voyage of Delight
The Macclesfield Canal is perhaps undervalued by those who moor there. On returning to base after visiting other parts of the network I am always struck by its beauty, which compares very favourably with other places seen.
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